Q. What if I already have a site can you host it for me?

A. Yes. We will not only host your site but we can convert it to a format that allows you to be in control and change your own site content as often as you wish.

Q. Can my site have a calendar of events?

A. Yes. You can have a simple calendar of events or we can structure your site to allow you to have a database of subscribers to which you can send a newsletter or any other notification of special savings or events you might have.

Q. I want to sell my products on my site can you do that?

A. E-commerce is our specialty. We can create a shopping cart for your products and link it to your payment processor for a clean, secure, hassle free online transaction for your web savvy clients.

Q. What if I don’t like the color scheme or layout you selected for my site?

A. We make every possible effort to understand what makes our clients and their business function. This understanding then translates into a site that is a true reflection of your business. Your site should be a natural extension of your brick & mortar presence. However, there are rare times when after seeing an initial mockup, the client wants to make a color or layout change. This is never a problem because we make sure that you are involved in the entire process and invite comments during the design phase. We go as far also make a working url of your site before it goes “live” so you can see your site in action.

Q. Should I get a personal domain for my social networking?

A. A personal domain name ie: yourlastname.com or yourfirstnameandlastname.com is a great way to create a blog for personal or social networking. Share your photos or thoughts and link to your myspace or facebook page(s). It also can be used as a permanent email address forwarding; [email protected] or [email protected] so when your internet provider changes, your email address doesn’t have to.